Thank you GrassWorks Bill From Georgia

“Just about one year ago we purchased a pull behind 10 ft GrassWorks weed wiper. The process and delivery was just as expected—excellent. We had been experiencing a massive invasion of our pastures by Vasey grass. After developing our pastures over the years and planting Durana clover, we had few options to eradicate this grass without killing all the grass, clover and weeds by massive and expensive spraying. It was getting worse each year.Despite my making a homemade tractor mounted wick that offered poor control, all of our efforts failed. Late last year after reading and studying options I purchased the wiper and  wiped every pasture. This year, well into weed season, it is almost totally gone – I saw a few sprigs of Vasey grass.  Totally amazing! I also used it on smut grass, and Johnsongrass with excellent results. The associated pictures show what happened shortly after application with weed wiper.  One final note, the cost of the herbicide was minimal. I learned that by adding Gator Gold Foam maker to the wiper liquid I could easily see foam adhering to the grasses where I had wiped so the passes were well controlled and accurate without guesswork and over application. I recommend this device to anyone wanting to gain control of weeds efficiently, economically and effectively (the 3 Es).”

Thank you GrassWorks!

– Bill from Georgia