How It Works

Each GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ includes a steel rotating drum that is covered with a specialized synthetic carpet-like material and wetted by a 12-volt pump. The rotating drum is powered by a hydraulic motor on our tractor-mounted units, while a ground-drive system is utilized on our pull-type models. The synthetic carpet holds the chemical until it comes in contact with the weeds, which ensures maximum chemical transfer to the undesirable grasses and weeds. Because the rotating drum turns in the opposite direction that the GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ is traveling – and with the constant rotation – we’ve virtually eliminated any possible drip.

A shielded boom sprayer is positioned over the rotating drum and it keeps the rotating drum saturated with chemicals. Because the boom sprayer is shielded, we have virtually eliminated any potential drift issues.

The operator adjusts the height of the rotating drum to stay above the desired grasses and/or crops. When a height difference cannot be obtained, more-selective herbicides can be used through the GrassWorks Weed Wiper™

As the drum passes over the weeds, the touch of the plant releases the herbicide from the absorbent cover to the weakest portion of the plant (which is the underneath side of the leaves and the stem of the plant). Larger plants exert more pressure and receive a proportionately larger dose.

When travel speed is correctly set, the rotating drum will not physically damage the weeds, allowing evapo-transpiration to continue and quickly move herbicide to the roots resulting in a more thorough eradication.