GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ Cut My Time and Expenses by Seventy Five Percent

“Smut, and I don’t mean the x-rated kind. I spent many months of time, labor, dollars, and a chemical trying to kill this stuff, which absorbs fertilizer, moisture, and minerals my good grass needs to feed my herd. The [GrassWorks Weed Wiper™] not only cut my time and expenses by 75% on the smut alone, but enabled many more acres to be covered, better grass production, and you know what that means. Disking would halt it, but the expense is prohibitive, has to be repeated, and destroys the good grasses, and mulch in the soil pan. With the [GrassWorks Weed Wiper™] there is no drift and no waste.”

-Alan M. – Beaumont, TX