GrassWorks Hydraulic Hay Bale Handler


GrassWorks Hydraulic Hay Bale Handler

The GrassWorks Hydraulic Hay Bale Handler is very easy to use. It has a totally self-contained power unit. The rechargeable marine battery powers a hydraulic power unit that controls all of the functions of the GrassWorks Hydraulic Hay Bale Handler.


The loading arms have a 2nd function that can squeeze the bales first then load the bales. The trailer is designed to carry the weight of the bale completely. For safety reasons we have adjusted the loading arms so that approximately 20% of the weight of the bale is applied to the tow rig. This will maintain traction and stability on the tow rig. The trailer is designed with a very wide and stable foot print. The hay bale is NOT loaded so high that we have a stability issue or high center a gravity. The unit is designed to be very stable for the novice operator.

Four radial tires are on the ground at all times with little risk of the trailer getting stuck or loosing traction in wet areas. The walking tandem axles provide stability when hauling the bale and eliminating the risk of overturning the load. Trailer axles are adjustable so that the operator can handle any size bale and keep the load centered in a safe transport zone. Weight of the GrassWorks Hay Bale Handler is appx 800 lbs.

Unroll or Move Round Bales Without-a-Tractor

 GrassWorks Hydraulic Hay Bale Handler

Using a Four Wheeler, ATV/UTV or Light Truck

  • Eliminate Wasting Hay
  • Unlimited Nutrient Recycling
  • Unroll Only the Amount of Hay Needed
  • Research shows a 40% savings in hay cost when hay is unrolled on a daily basis for feeding.

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